Garmin 265w Overview

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Published: 25th January 2011
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Garmin's 265w, a model of 2x5 group was entirely launched as a entry level Gps navigation recieving model that can be mashed with a couple of more features to allow it to be more friendly with the market. A thin, small and light-weight unit, the Garmin Nuvi 265w is a unit that is pretty simple to use.

Design Factors

With a low resolution touch screen dominating the exterior area, the exterior design of the Garmin 265w is minimalist at best. The Gps has only a single button for switching it off and on. Every other functioning needs to be performed via the touchscreen.

There is a micro sd card slot provided in the rear to ensure that you can down load extra roadmaps and also Point of Interests, save it inside the card and use it in the Nuvi. The micro USB slot as well works to be the external power charger apart from helping you synchronize the unit along with your laptop or Desktop computer.

Interfacing Issues

The touch screen in the model is very easy to apply, bright and efficient. All of menu points are clearly obvious as they either show up in the type of text boxes and also clearly classed icons that are rather a lot of self instructive even for a newbie The screen quality however, could be better.. As a result, the picture quality does not appear to be distinct once you look it over with similar wallet friendly competitor brands.

The start menu is basic using the a couple of good sized symbols i.e.. Map View and Where Am I with smaller sized touch hypersensitive symbols for different options such as sound level control and so on.

Features Aspects

You will find a variety of methods the unit's functions can be used. Even if you choose to input a particular address, , certain junction , favourites or just the latest location, The Garmin Nuvi 265w will give you a fast support upon all these locations. Getting landmarks is easy and the Nuvi 265w makes sure that with its thorough group of pre installed POIs, you can effortlesslyobtain your way around the block to the local medical center or restaurant with out any fuss.

Without a doubt, there are not as many maps supplied as people would like, but the simple method to use it is remarkable. Aside with navigational assistance in visual and written text type, the pre installed local native's sounds for the text to speech are adept to pronounce most of the addresses with lucidity and correctness.

The Garmin Nuvi 265w even boasts of an outstanding sixty thousand POIs. However, some additional information such as hidden red light cams and safety notifications needs to be delivered electronically at your own time from the Web. The fantastic news is that Garmin features that info without any cost as well as promises to include these items within the upcoming lots.

Pros and cons

Probably, the greatest good point of this product can be found in a utter easiness of utilization. The device offers the quick starting time as well as reroute time.

The uncanny nature of inputting address into the unit, sluggish sound level and low resolution rob the Garmin Nuvi 265w of some of its great position.

Final Verdict

Inspite of several limited performing problems as compared with leading-edge Gps ,for example Garmin Nuvi 3790t, the Garmin Nuvi 265W is a good value Navigation systems, giving numerous high quality characteristics that include a wallet affordable cost. In reality, the word of advice is that if you think you want to get something which can support you in your routine movements, It is the most suitable for the price.

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